Pokemon Go Theme Party Ideas

Pokemon Go is the new flavour of the season and everyone is talking about it. We thought nothing could be better than hosting a Pokemon Go theme party for your kid this birthday. We are sure that kids love these cute characters and would absolutely love such a party.

Let’s have a look at Partitoe Pokemon Theme Party Style Guide –

Birthday Party Invites – You can start going crazy with the Pokemon Birthday Invites that will surely leave your little guests excited and eagerly waiting for it.


Pokemon Costumes – The bright yellow and blue costumes will make the best Pokemon characters out of your little kiddies.


Pokemon Cake and Candies– We all love cakes and candies. What can be more fun than a customised PokeCake and candies on the party table?



The Decor – Any party is empty without the right kind of décor. It can be lot more exciting family activity for you if you planning to host a party. You can make your venue an actual Pokestop and mention it outside the venue. Check out some of the ideas here-



Pokemon Games Squad- Everyone love playing games. Set up a separate section for the games and try them out

• POKEBALL HUNT- Make DIY pokeballs with different pokemon faces on it and hide them in different places. Let the kids hunt them down and the winner gets a Poke-Toy!
• PIN THE PIKA TAIL- Hang the pikachu’s drawing without it’s tail on board and blindfold a kid. Hand them a strap and have them stick it to the pikachu’s drawing. The one who sticks the closest to the tail portion of the drawing wins the game.
• GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL- Place few pokemons in a straight line in a circle, on the ground. You are supposed to throw the ball at the pokemons from a certain distance. If the kid is successful in hitting all of them with only two extra chances, he will be the winner.


Pokemon Favour Boxes– Kiddies will love to take these Poke boxes home.


Pokemon Thank You tags for your guests.


So here is our small list of Pokemon Go-themed birthday party to make it a memorable one and we are very sure that your guests will be super thrilled about the very idea of the party.

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