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A day in Paris – Birthday Party Ideas.

While planning a Paris theme party, you’ll definitely think of using elements like pastel colours, chandeliers, cycle props and of course the Eifel Tower. Paris theme party is fun for all ages. Here you’ll find ideas for invitations, décor, food, activities and return gifts. We’ll make it much easier for you. All you have to do is scroll down and get ready to throw a Paris themed party.

Invitation– Let’s start with designing the invites. There are endless ideas for creating fun & innovative Paris themed party invitation. You can include phrases like ‘A day in Paris’, ‘Ooh La La’ or design your invite using elements like Eifel Tower, Persian cats, Macaroons etc. Have a look!


Decoration- Pastel colour décor fits the best for a Paris theme. You can incorporate these in confetti balloons, customised bunting, tassels, table cloths and small decorative touches like centre pieces or floral decoration. Cycle prop, piano, carts, Vintage table chair backdrop and Persian cats will add up to your Paris theme. Here are some images to help you set the scene for your Paris themed party


Activities- Your Paris themed activities could include a Beauty station, Dress up corner with a mannequin, Jewellery making and most importantly an Eifel tower decoration. For more fun you can include trampoline, bouncy, tattoo artist, balloon modelling, magician and instant photo as per you choice. Also, for food based activities you can add cupcake making, cookie making, marshmallow tower, macaroon making, mini éclairs and fruit parfait.


Food- No themed party is ever complete without cake, food, drinks and delicious desserts. A Paris themed macaroon cake will work the best to add to the décor & savouring the taste buds of your guests. Apart from food & drinks you can also add an ice cream bar, Candy floss bar, Popcorn bar and Lollipop stall.


Return Gifts- Now, last but not the least, thank and impress your guests with Thank You cards and custom-printed canvas bags as return gifts.


If you are looking for a dynamic party organiser in Delhi, all you need to do is just log on to or give us a call on 9711223333 for an awesome party experience. Let’s Party Partitoe Style!

6 Simple steps to plan a perfect party!

What could be better than organising a party that you had been planning for a long time! Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary, bachelorette or any other occasion. We are all prepared. How about you?

As your personalised party organisers in Delhi, we will help you with a few of our selections. All you need to do is follow these six simple steps.


  1. Date

It’s your party then why not plan it your way. The First step will help you decide date, time and total no. of guests. Pick a suitable date, select the time slots that suits you the best and mention the minimum guarantee guests.


  1. Venue

Moving towards our next step, choose an appropriate venue according to your celebration. Be it indoors or outdoors. Our venues are carefully chosen by our panel of food and entertainment experts, keeping all your needs in mind. Remember you can choose your own venue.


  1. Theme

No matter what your theme is, the party you throw should be manageable and memorable. Here comes our third step, from Superheroes to Mini Rella, Carnival to Paris, choose a theme which is interesting for you and your guests.



  1. Décor

Make your bash interesting, creative and innovative with our décor station. You can go for Shine, Sparkle, Dazzle, Bling or a personalised package. Different packages have different costs, choose according to your budget.Partitoe-blog9Click here to visit our Facebook shop for décor and accessories. We would deliver these to your doorstep within Delhi NCT limits upon the confirmation of your order. Reminder that delivery charges apply subjective to the order placed.

  1. Activity

A party is incomplete without interesting actives and games. Don’t worry! We have got your back. Here’s comes the fifth step, entertain your little ones by selecting an activity from our carefully curated list.Partitoe-blog7Partitoe-blog12Partitoe-blog8Click here to know more.

  1. Food

Add some flavours to your party with our last step, pick a menu from our shortlisted packages; Classic, Deluxe, and Superior. Remember food menu can also be customized according to your needs. We also arrange food trucks. Food trucks can be often handy when there’s a shortage of space.
The choices are endless! Gather all your thoughts and just give us a call us on 9711223333 or message us on Facebook or just log on to and get started to an awesome party planning experience.

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Tips for planning a perfect baby shower.

Baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate motherhood and blessing the yet-to-be born baby. It’s the best time for mums-to-be to get surprised with unique gifts for her and her baby. The ceremony is traditionally held when the mother-to-be completes her seventh month of pregnancy.

The little one is on its way and what better way to celebrate it other than baby shower? Check out our tips to make this special event memorable.

Theme: Choose a theme before organising invites, decorations etc. The theme should be centered around the new baby. Like if you don’t know the gender you could do a common theme but if you know it’s going to be a girl or boy you can choose accordingly.


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Location: You can have a classy or casual baby shower near a pool, in the park, or even on the terrace.

Décor: Take a trip down memory lane with the mom-to-be’s own childhood photographs and possessions. Guests could add to this by leaving letters for the baby or sweet notes for the mom.


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Food and Drinks: A lot of moms-to-be are very health-conscious today – which shouldn’t stop them from having a good time. A ‘diet’ theme where baked or steamed goods are complemented by fruits, vegetables, and juices can be a great idea, not just for the mom but for the guests.


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Entertainment: From music, dance to mehndi artists, think of a few entertaining past-times for everyone. A photo booth with baby shower party props is must.


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Gifts: The mom-to-be definitely gets gifts. But gifts aren’t just for the mom! Just like in birthday parties, give the guests a return favours or token of appreciation. This could be in the form of scarves, books, scented candles, and so on.


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Games: It may be something simple like guessing the gender of the baby just by looking at mum’s belly, creating a name-list for your baby or blindfolded diaper changing. Adding fun themes to the event, like having everyone dress up like they’re pregnant too (stuffing pillows on their bellies), will be a lot of fun.


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Fantastic summer party themes for kids!

Nature makes the great outdoors ideal for summer themed parties. The joy of summers with the nice weather means celebrating birthday’s out-of-doors. We’ve put together five best summer party themes for your kids born in summers.

So, read on for lots of fun ideas, and get ready to party in style this summer.

  1. Rainbow-

Perfect for boys or girls, a rainbow birthday party is easy to plan and execute! Colourful decorative items like paper lanterns, tassel garlands, back drop and polka-dot bunting make this party super cheerful.


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We put together kids favourite food and fun activities, from pin the cloud on the rainbow to delicious rainbow coloured cake and snacks. It doesn’t always take a lot to please little bundles of love.

  1. Butterfly theme-

A butterfly themed birthday party would be totally over-the-top fun especially for butterfly lovers. Be sure to use colourful lanterns, tassels, pom poms etc. And of course butterfly themed cake, snacks and food items.


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  1. Under the sea/beach/pool party-

Under the sea or beach or pool party makes perfect sense in summers. Using ocean themed table covers, lots of shells, sand, lantern jellyfish hanging from the trees outdoors and other beachy items scattered on the table will give a perfect look.


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Food items should include beautiful cake with sandy topping and decorated sea shell candy and cookies. For games go with anything involving water. Invite kids into the kiddie pool, let the kids decorate sea horses with construction paper and sea shells with paint. For this theme the choices are endless.

  1. Floral/Garden-

Summers are the perfect time to host a garden or floral themed party. With everything in bloom and spring, flower filled birthday party is full of beautiful floral decorations. There are so many super ideas for food stations like serve melon flower skewers, floral cookies, cake with green grass topping and butterflies etc.


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There are plenty of fun games for an outdoor garden theme party such as Pin the ladybug, flower pot decoration and scavenger hunt around the garden.

  1. Ice cream-

Kids will definitely love an ice cream themed party. Balloons which become ice cream cones with an added paper cone, glittery whipped cream cans, use flat-bottom wafer cones for some healthy fruit salad and of course lots and lots of flavoured ice-creams and extra ice cream cake with innovative topping.


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The choices are endless! Gather all your thoughts and just give us a call us on 9711223333 or message us on Facebook or just log on to and get started to an awesome party planning experience.

Things we do to make your party awesome!

Are you looking for the coolest kids’ activities and birthday party games? Look no further, Partitoe is the perfect platform! Although cake and gifts are the main attraction for your little ones but you’ll definitely need fun activities and exciting party games to keep your kids entertained. Our activities and games will challenge and develop your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills and social skills. You can customize kid’s game ideas and activities according to any theme.

The following section has the top party activities listed that will surely entertain your little ones:

  1. Bouncy – Make all kids bounce! It is the best physical activity for children. We provide colorful and exciting bounc-ies that will surely entertain your kid.
  1. Tattoo Making – Tattoo making is a creative art. Getting a tattoo made is very entertaining for children as well as adults whether it is a birthday party, baby shower or Halloween.
  1. Kids Play Area – There’s nothing more magical than a day out dedicated solely to play. We provide everything, from a mini-trampoline to ball pool to some manual cars for the kids to ride in.
  1. Train Ride –  Have a kid whose fanatical about trains? You’ll definitely want a train ride then. Toddlers are spellbound by the clickety-clack and chugga-chug of engines. Whatever the theme maybe, train ride is the best option.
  1. Face Painting – Children absolutely love colors! Those chubby cheeks & button noses would look adorable when they’d have cats, tigers or kittens drawn on them!
  1. Cupcake decoration – Introduce your child to baking through cupcake decoration. Children enjoy decorating cupcakes in their own creative way.
  1. Balloon Modelling – The best thing about balloon twisting is that it gives way too much creativity- something that kids have plenty of. Balloon twisting is a hit in children’s parties as there are various creative things that can be made with balloons & thus it’s more fun to play with them.
    Simple balloon animals, isolated on white
  1. Magic Show – Kids love magic and a birthday party is incomplete without a magician. A rabbit in his hat, a dove in his coat and a lot more! It totally surprises them! Magicians know exactly how to keep their little audience laughing and engaged with all kinds of tricks.
  1. Beauty Station– Pamper your kiddies with a mini beauty parlor. Some parents don’t like kids wearing makeup but beauty station is not just about Eyeliners and Lipsticks; also includes hair styling, skin pampering and nail painting! If you’re planning to throw a birthday party for your girl. Don’t think twice! Go for it.
  1. Art & Craft – Art and craft activities like painting, dabbing and coloring are an enriching way to keep the toddlers busy. Playing with colors, learning how to draw a flower, animal or their favorite cartoon character; kids love that, don’t they?

The choices are endless! Gather all your thoughts and just give us a call us on 9711223333 / message us on Facebook or just log on to and get started to an awesome party planning experience.

Top 5 themes for Birthday Boys

Boys will always remain boys. Children are the most dynamic being and their choices and prefences vary everyday. Selecting a theme for them becomes a little tough.

That’s why we have always preferred mix and match of things and creating themes. We have done our research and figured out that our boys love fantasy world. Check out out top five themes of the season:

Pirate- While organising a pirate themed party, start out with sending Pirate lingo party invitations. Focus on the décor using treasure chest, balloons, use dull colours for a real look.  Keep a pirate costume dress code and arrange for some icebraking activities, cake and food items related to theme.



Star Wars- If your son is a die-hard Star Wars fan, then don’t think twice before hosting his next birthday party using this theme.  Start with sending attractive party invites following with star wars figure cake, drinks and food. Décor will include backdrop, black coloured lanterns and balloons, matching costumes and masks.


Superhero- When your kids love superheroes why not arrange a crazy party for them. Your boy should feel he’s a superhero from inside and out. Personalize your party in an innovative way; prepare a set up with mixed superhero figures including Superman, Batman and Spiderman etc. Also, you can use Superhero bunting and coloured tassel garlands making your party look energetic.

Angry Birds- The most popular game- Angry Birds is the new theme which little boys would prefer on their birthday. From decoration to cake to game activities – this high-scoring party idea will make your guests chirp in approval.

Transformers– Transform your son’s birthday into an ultimate Transformers themed party! Transformers are the new love for kids. Use backdrop, masks and red, yellow, blue balloons for the décor complimenting it with theme related cake, drinks and food.

Do It Yourself – Party Ideas

It’s your party then why not plan it your way. No matter what your theme is, the party you throw should be manageable and memorable. Make your bash interesting, creative and innovative using simple DIY ideas.

Take a break from spending on décor and get inspired by Partitoe DIY ideas.

Balloons- Using normal balloons is so common and boring. Confetti, sparkle and ice-cream cone balloons will give an amazing look to your party. What you have to do is apply some glue to the bottoms of inflated balloons and sprinkle your favourite colour sparkle or confetti on to it. To make ice-cream balloon cones use brown construction paper folded in shape of cone and tie it to the balloon with a thread or ribbon.

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Paper lanterns– These beautiful floating lanterns are a sweet way to decorate any party theme indoor as well as outdoor. To make these you can use tissue paper cut them in circle shape and stick them onto the lantern beautifully. Also, happy hot air lanterns are perfect for your party. All you have to do is take brown paper, cut it into square shape and tie it to the lantern with the help of a thread.

www.polkadotcelebrations and

Paper circle garlands – Use these colouful paper circle garlands on your wall or in hanging. To make these you can use different scrab book papers, cut them into circle shape or whichever shape you prefer. Then, tie them with a thread if you want it in hanging or stick them directly onto the wall.

Paper Pom Pom – Pom Poms are fun and fizzy little things that can be made easily. Instead of buying shiny material try these cute colorful tissue paper pom poms. Use colourful tissue papers and fold them in accordion style. Tie a thread right in the centre and then start pulling the tissue paper up making it fluffy.

Paper fans– These adorable paper flower fans can cover your entire house making it look lovely and elegant. To make these amazing paper fans you have to use scrap book sheets with different designs on them. Fold the paper back and forth, cut the end at an angle making it look beautiful then spread the sheet in flower shape.
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Bunting– Irrespective of your theme, handmade bunting makes your party look attractive and graceful. Take out different texture print outs cut them into triangular pieces. Tie them through a thread and your bunting is ready to hang.

Tassel Garland– Tassel garlands are totally in. All you need to do is cut and tie scrap fabrics then tie them on a ribbon or thread. Your tassel garland is ready to use.×644.jpg

So if you really want to make your party decoration different, try these easy DIY party ideas or just save yourself a lot of hassle and book a party online at or give us a call at +91-9711223333.

Spring Party Theme Ideas

Spring is the king of all the seasons and this one can never go off mood. With the onset of this season, the first thought that comes to your mind is hosting a spring theme party because it gives you energy, color and positive vibes to celebrate. So, we thought we will present you one of the best spring party ideas.

1Let’s begin with Spring theme invites– You surely need to send attractive Spring Party Invites which will excite your guests and they will not miss a chance to join you.

2Image courtesy- birdandblossom

Spring Party Accessories- Eye catchy accessories like DIY ‘Head Garlands’ for girls and ‘Broaches’ for boys will charm your guest’s attire making them look alike and wonderful.

3Spring Theme Costumes– Theme related costumes always make a party interesting and your guests will get a chance to contribute their initiative making it more innovative.


Spring cake, food and drinks- Spring is a season of colors, to satisfy your spring sweet guests, offer them tasty colorful food and beverages.



Spring Theme Décor- The word spring encourages you to host a colorful flower arranging party which will ensure that your guests will have the most beautiful spring arrangement party ever. A party is incomplete without theme related decoration.

10Spring Takeaways- As your party will end, these flower pot or the DIY painted flower pots takeaways will add perfect spring party feel in your guests. 11IC-

These are some lovely spring party ideas which will make your party impressive and unforgettable, ensuring that your guests will get super happy.

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