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July 2016

Pokemon Go Theme Party Ideas

Pokemon Go is the new flavour of the season and everyone is talking about it. We thought nothing could be better than hosting a Pokemon Go theme party for your kid this birthday. We are sure that kids love these cute characters and would absolutely love such a party.

Let’s have a look at Partitoe Pokemon Theme Party Style Guide –

Birthday Party Invites – You can start going crazy with the Pokemon Birthday Invites that will surely leave your little guests excited and eagerly waiting for it.


Pokemon Costumes – The bright yellow and blue costumes will make the best Pokemon characters out of your little kiddies.


Pokemon Cake and Candies– We all love cakes and candies. What can be more fun than a customised PokeCake and candies on the party table?



The Decor – Any party is empty without the right kind of décor. It can be lot more exciting family activity for you if you planning to host a party. You can make your venue an actual Pokestop and mention it outside the venue. Check out some of the ideas here-



Pokemon Games Squad- Everyone love playing games. Set up a separate section for the games and try them out

• POKEBALL HUNT- Make DIY pokeballs with different pokemon faces on it and hide them in different places. Let the kids hunt them down and the winner gets a Poke-Toy!
• PIN THE PIKA TAIL- Hang the pikachu’s drawing without it’s tail on board and blindfold a kid. Hand them a strap and have them stick it to the pikachu’s drawing. The one who sticks the closest to the tail portion of the drawing wins the game.
• GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL- Place few pokemons in a straight line in a circle, on the ground. You are supposed to throw the ball at the pokemons from a certain distance. If the kid is successful in hitting all of them with only two extra chances, he will be the winner.


Pokemon Favour Boxes– Kiddies will love to take these Poke boxes home.


Pokemon Thank You tags for your guests.


So here is our small list of Pokemon Go-themed birthday party to make it a memorable one and we are very sure that your guests will be super thrilled about the very idea of the party.

Here’s Why You Need A Party Planner!

Parties are undoubtedly fun but planning or organising them take a bit more effort that you think. Getting there is half the fun. No matter how big or small your Birthday party is, it requires planning. Detailing is important and we recommend you to start planning it at least a month in advance so that you don’t face any glitches. For you or your little one’s birthday party, you must have a lot of ideas. Organising them becomes important.

At your first event, it’s usually the case that it becomes a little complicated to keep costs down. Hiring one birthday party organiser or an event planner may seem like an unnecessary expense but it’s worth the shot. We give you top reasons explaining why you need one for your party:

Reason #1: Time

Perfection and detailing is what takes most of the time. Your party planner will look into everything. They know the ins and outs of the event. You don’t have to bother about arranging and negotiating deals with the different vendors.


Right from the venue, décor, food, invitations to videographer/photographer, personalised gifts and much more, they take care of everything that saves your valuable time. Meanwhile you can enjoy in the anticipation and hustle-bustle of the party planning.

Reason #2: Value for money

Have a budget for the party and already see it crossing the LOC? Definitely, you are in need of a party planner. These guys will make the best arrangements and put efforts in making it the most memorable day of your life depending on the budget you give them. Sit with them and discuss as to what you are looking forward to.


Reason #3: Decor

Remember, First Impression is the last Impression? Décor can do wonders to any party. You have a theme in mind but don’t know where to start from? There are hundreds of details that you might not even look at which goes in to planning parties. A good party planner will be well rehearsed with the technicalities of any theme-party and where to get the right kind of material and help. You wouldn’t have to struggle with trying to make it look right.

Reason #4: Venue & Menu

Venue plays a great deal in planning any party. You would not want your guests to be struggling with the location or end up in a dingy-inaccessible location. Even if you are planning on throwing a house party, you definitely need some changes. The menu will be the key deciding factor to a great party. Let them know your custom choices beforehand so that they make proper arrangements for it. You need one-of-the kind services to set it all rolling for you.

Reason #5: Time for yourself

One of the main reasons that you should be hiring one good planner is that you can enjoy yourselves and give time to yourself amidst the hustle bustles of any party. When you know that there are good people working on your party and putting efforts to make it one of the best, you sit back and tend to go with the flow. It’s a proven fact that sometimes the people who don’t enjoy the party turn out to be the hosts themselves. We are very sure that you don’t want to land up in a situation like that.

Reason #6: Invites

The dedicated team of a good event planning company will have enough resources for you to be able to invite your guests to the party in the most fashionable manner possible. Zero in on one idea and it will be done for you.


Reason #7: Great Pictures

A fresh mind and feel make good pictures. Now this definitely needs your attention. Your party planner will definitely be taking care of this aspect. We are sure that you would not want to miss those candid shots of you and your loved ones at the event that you had been planning for so long. It is your day and you ought to be special.8
9Hiring an event planner might sound like a huge expense or waste of money but it is definitely not. Any event requires the planning and this can only be possible if you are relaxed and let the planner do everything for so that you can enjoy every moment of the celebrations with your family, friends and loved ones. Planning it for another friend? Try one and you will know.

Our Top 6 Birthday Party Venues in Delhi

Put your party shoes on and let your hair down because it’s party time. And what could be more exciting than Delhi because it is one of the most preferred party destination of both – Birthday party lovers and birthday party organisers. Here, the list of party venues is endless. But who will decide if the venue suits your kids’ birthday party idea and expectations. The venue plays an important role here. Everything depends on it. Right from the entrance, the ambiance, décor, to the seating and staff – everything matters. You don’t want to end up in a dingy bar/restaurant we are sure.

So to make things a little easier for you guys, we have listed our top picks of the season – the leading top venues especially for kids’ birthday parties in Delhi. We have done the hard work. You will just have to pick one and let us do everything for you and your little ones’ special day.

Amreli at Hotel Diplomat in Chanakyapuri, Delhi is another venue which is a fine cross between an up market London diner and a classic bistro.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Amreli’s Entrance

The venue offers exquisite multi-sensory food experience. Decorated with lovely chessboard floor, mirrors and plenty of art, the indoor dining area is perfect for a sophisticated yet fun-filled party evening. Another addition to this gem of a place is the alfresco area which becomes one of the preferred choices for the special occasion.

Lavaash by Saby, a fine cross between Armenia and West Bengal, is a perfect hideout for the one special occasion that you have been planning for.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Bar Area of Lavaash by Saby

Leisurely arty café that serves Armenian dishes is situated in evergreen and happening area of South Delhi – Qutub, Mehrauli in a beautiful Heritage building. With a seating capacity of 120 people, the venue becomes our one of our top choices.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Quaint open area of Lavaash

Apart from just being beautiful, the venue hosts a mix of bold colours and manages to carry them well. It’s never too hot here because of the plush greens that surround the area.

Lemon Tree Hotels in Delhi become one of our all-time favourites.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Republic of Noodles, Lemon Tree Hotels, Delhi

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Slounge, Lemon Tree Hotels, New Delhi

The fresh, cool and sparkling ambiance with a whiff of the signature lemon fragrance, the plush and spacious interiors of the property are host to one of the top-notch restaurants and bars that offer a fun memorable way to chill and have a spirited birthday celebrations. You got to try Slounge – recreation bar and Republic of Noodles – the award winning pan Asian restaurant offers state-of-the-art facilities, scrumptious food delights and drinks to be that perfect party venue that you must have been looking for. The banquet hall offers an unbeatable value and one of the preferred choices for a big gathering.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Poolside area, Banquet, Lemon Tree Hotels, Delhi

Lodhi – The Garden Restaurant, situated in Lutyens Delhi, continues to be one of the most popular places if you like lush botanical surroundings, cane and wooden furniture, pebbled walkways and comforting colours like orange.

Birthday Party Organisers in Delhi

Seating space in the garden area of Lodhi

The menu is an eclectic mix of flavors from around the world, though the emphasis remains on the much favored European influenced cuisine. The earthy sensibility and the setting of the restaurant as an extension to Lodhi Garden will definitely leave you spellbound.

Birthday Party Planners in Delhi

The Bar at Lodhi

Choose between the Bar Floor and the Garden Area and you are good to go for a mesmerising experience.

Pride Plaza Hotel near Delhi Airport is another pride to the list of top-notch party venues. This luxury hotel has elegantly designed banquet halls that speak of true Indian hospitality and traditionally luxurious services.

Birthday Party Planner in Delhi

Pride Plaza Hotel, Delhi

The Imperial Hall is elegantly designed and is sprawled across more than 5000 Sq Ft with high ceilings and a pre function area of 2500 Sq Ft and the aesthetically done Chancery Hall has a carpet area of 2500 Sq Ft. The venue assures that everything goes off the hitch. So if you are planning one grand celebration for your little one, this one will fit perfectly.

Kingdom of Kids in Panchsheel Park, Delhi is one of the leading premier kids’ play school.

Birthday party planner in Delhi

One of the play areas at Kingdom of Kids

Birthday party planner in Delhi

Kids’ centre at Kingdom of Kids

Now you need a perfect party organiser if you are looking to do something like this on your Kids’ birthday parties. With state-of-the-art facilities, kids’ play zone and the vibrant use of colours and interactive surroundings, it becomes the perfect venue if you want to throw a theme-based or a role-play birthday party for your little one in Delhi. Get ready to explore your child’s reservoirs of curiosity, happiness and independence this Birthday.

Well, make sure you choose one of the best party organisers in Delhi because you need the best to make your special day memorable at one of these venues.

So, just don’t party! Partitoe it.

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